Ryan Gosling Shares Thoughts on Oscars Best Picture On-Stage Confusion

If you weren’t aware of what happened at the Oscars back in February, there was an incident on stage when the presenters of the award Best Picture accidentally said the wrong name, having the cast and crew of two different movies on stage to accept the award. Mistakenly, La La Land was first called on stage to accept the award, but in reality Moonlight was the actual winner.
In the background Ryan Gosling was trying to contain his laughter, but of course with the cameras rolling, the expression on his face was something that couldn’t not have been recorded.

Talking for a quick interview, Gosling looked back on the incident, giving his perspective on what was going on on stage, and in his mind.
“There were so many people on stage and they were all sort of panicking, not knowing what to do. It was if someone had fallen on stage and was injured,” Gosling recalled. “And then it was revealed that we actually didn’t win the award, and it had went to Moonlight. Once I knew that I couldn’t help but laugh, it was a funny situation.”

Although he wasn’t a recipient of the award, he was still glad about Moonlight taking the win.

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